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Lynemouth Day Centre
Our aim is to give these people a better quality of life. Gillian Thompson, Centre Manager
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Key Partners

Northumberland Health Action Zone

The Northumberland Health Action Zone, established in 1998, aims to promote healthy living and to help those most in need to access the same services through a personalised approach and streamlined information systems. The Lynemouth Day Centre supports the core commitments of the Health Action Zone and in particular represents a key resource in the healthy living centre network across Northumberland that aims to support and meet the needs of individuals.

Northumberland Care Trust - Community Care Charter

The recently established Northumberland Care Trust combines health and social care services to allow for new integrated approaches to service provision at the point of contact that most people find accessible such as doctors’ surgeries and health centres. The Day Centre has worked in partnership with the Northumberland Care Trust to improve the quality of care for older people and explore new opportunities for older people across the County.

Northumberland County Council

Northumberland County Council is a key partner in the provision of primary health and social care across the County. The Care Management service reinforces a commitment to ensure that people who need help are given the services they need efficiently, and that available resources are aimed at those in greatest need. The Day Centre provides invaluable respite for carers and high quality support for older people across the County.

Development Plan

The Lynemouth Day Centre is committed to improving all aspects of support for its members. The Charity has identified a range of key areas for development during the forthcoming year and beyond. These include:

Media/Marketing Strategy - to develop a strategy to co-ordinate all activity that aims to raise awareness of the support available at the Centre and encourage new members.

Fundraising Plan - to develop a fundraising plan to underpin the identification of and application to appropriate funding sources. It is envisaged that this will consolidate the current operation of the Centre and also provide opportunities for expansion and development of the range of activities and services provided.

Staff Training Plan - to produce a training plan to improve the support and guidance provided to all staff and respond to identified training needs. This complements the current commitment to the Investors In People programme and will maintain the high level of professional support provided by all staff members.

Partnership Development - to undertake a review of existing partnership working and to identify and explore potential joint working with a range of organisations across the County.

New Service Development - to consult with all members and staff to review current activities provided and identify new areas of support.

Thanks to current sponsors

The Lynemouth Day Centre would like to thank all those organisations that have provided support to facilitate the operation of the Centre, in particular:

  • The Northern Rock Foundation
  • Community Foundation
  • The Community Fund
  • The Tudor Trust
  • The Nationwide Foundation
  • European Funding
  • Lloyds TSB
  • Sir James Knott Trust
  • Northumberland County Council