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Lynemouth Day Centre
Our aim is to give these people a better quality of life. Gillian Thompson, Centre Manager
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The Lynemouth Day Centre is Fab!

Clients 31/03/2011

In the last year, Lynemouth Day Centre has grown as an organisation. Since employing an Administrator, I have been given the time to take the Day Centre forward. We now have the capacity to look at the services we offer more strategically and have increasingly gained the respect and support of the organisations we work with.

The staff have undertaken various training courses to enable them to offer a better level of care to a more diverse range of clients, as well as actively participating in the move we have towards organisational change.

Through an Investors In People programme, the Day Centre is a valuable service to help overcome a problem that is going to be with us indefinitely. There are always going to be lonely, vulnerable, elderly people - along with their families - that need help. Our aim is to give these people a better quality of life. We are always looking for ways to improve our services. We do this by involving the staff and clients.


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